Greetings and welcome! 

  My name is Jamie Fitzgerald and I am the owner of Little Bird Clay Company (and all of its former namesakes!)  

I have been making and teaching pottery for over twenty years.  I have a degree in English and Communications with a minor in visual arts. I have taught pottery at my home studio as well as at local schools, Farmington Valley Arts Center and UCONN Community School of the Arts.  In addition I am the host of “Make Your Own Beer Mug” night which has been held at many local breweries! 

My studio is an extension of my home and personality. When you are in the studio, it is very much like you are in my home, sitting at my table, talking, learning, creating, laughing and having fun.


Though the studio has been on Bissell Street for about a year, I am just getting started (thanks in large part to Covid!) So please, check back often for new workshops and classes and yes actual hand made pottery and other locally created gifts! 


Thanks and hope to have you at my table soon!!! Stay Tuned!!!!! 



Adult and child class 4 weeks. Every Monday 12-2 pm ages 6 and up. $145.00 per pair. Classes Begin January 4 2021  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER/PURCHASE

Six Week Beginners pottery Every Tuesday 3-5 PM Ages 9-12  Hand Building with slabs and pinch pots and a chance to try the pottery wheel. $150.00  Classes begin January 5 2021  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER PURCHASE 6 WEEK CLASS

School Vacation Clay Club December 28, 29 and 30 9:00am-12:00 noon Ages 9-12  Beginners pottery and a chance to try the wheel. Hand building, with slabs and pinch pots. $125.00  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER/PURCHASE VACATION CLAY 

CLAY CLUB. For students who have taken intro to pottery, you can now join "CLAY CLUB" and purchase studio time to come and work on your own with guidance. Studio Hours TBD. Clay is available for purchase and will include the cost of firings. 10 hours of CLAY CLUB time $125.00 15 Hours of CLAY CLUB time 175.00 20 hours of CLAY CLUB time $225.00  CLAY CLUB includes use of studio, all the studio equipment and the potters wheel. CLAY and personal tools (required due to covid) available for purchase. Studio time will be by appointment during open studio hours when there is not a workshop or class in session. CLAY CLUB HOURS TO BE ANNOUNCED ASAP! CONTACT ME TO PURCHASE

SATURCLAY! Beginning SATURDAY DECEMBER 12 "STUDIO BY APPOINTMENT!" Schedule a "CLAY DATE" on SATURDAYS. Book a 2 hour slot of time to create a hand built project of your choice. Projects range from 35-45.00 per person. More Details soon!  

Current Events:

Luminary Workshop SUNDAY NOVEMBER 29 12-2.  Create your own stoneware clay luminary. Social distancing means class limited to 6 and masks required. Bring snacks and beverages! 35.00 per person



What makes LBCC different?

The studio is set up like my home away from home. When you are here, it is more like you are visiting me in my home.  The studio is super casual and fun and has a chill vibe! Nothing is mass produced, or quick! 

Why does everything take so darn long to be "finished?"

Welcome to pottery making! Firstly the creation process is not something that can be rushed. We are always doing a delicate dance with air and water not to mention humidity! To achieve desired results, care and time must be taken when working with clay as it is a fragile, finicky medium to create with. Clay must dry SLOWLY, otherwise all manner of nightmares can happen, cracks, splits, warps, and more! After the clay is TOTALLY dry it can finally go into the kiln for the first of two firings. The first firing is the "bisque" state. Clay is fired to about 2000 degrees which takes a total of about 48 hours including the loading of the kiln, at least 2 hours, the firing at least 8 hours and the cooling before opening another 12-16 hours and then there is the unloading so... factor in sleeping and eating... give it about 2 days. After that comes the "glazing" time where I glaze all the pieces. Depending on what I am glazing and how, this might take another 2 days, and then back into the kiln the pieces go for another firing, this time to about 2200 degrees and yes, another 24 to 48 hours turn around time. 

Why can't you just fire a few things at a time?

For maximum efficiency, the kiln should always be full when fired. 

My pot cracked! What happened?

Well, unfortunately many many things can go awry when working with clay. Sometimes there is a structural issue during creation that doesn't rear its ugly head until firing time. Other times things go haywire inside the kiln that no one can foresee or control. Welcome to the agony of defeat! No matter, just grab a slab or ball of clay and start again. The only way to learn is by making mistakes! Just check out my facebook group "Clay Fail: A Pottery and Ceramics Shit Show" and see Clay Fails from potters all over the world! 

Can I have a party at the studio?

ABSOLUTELY! Hopefully this Covid nightmare will be over soon, but in the meantime, I am happy to host small parties for your personal germ bubble. 

Do you offer wheel throwing lessons?

Right now I can offer private lessons.  Wheel throwing is hard, like learning an instrument. One needs time and patience and practice.  I mean, you can't play "Eruption" the first time you pick up a guitar can you? Contact me about lessons if it is something you are itching to try!

When will you have pottery for sale?

SOON I PROMISE! Between working a "real" job and teaching lessons, it is hard to find the time to make pots myself, but very soon I will have pots in the studio for sale, mugs and more and also available online! 

I am crafty, can I rent your space to teach a class or can I sell my work at your space?

SURE! If you are a local artist or crafts person or make bath and body products, jewelry or anything else, let's meet! 

That's all for now! Check back for more updates!!!

Love you! 


All information and text is copyright Clay Tripper LLC 2020

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