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A Private, Boutique Pottery
and Ceramic Art Studio

About me:

Hi! I am Jamie and welcome to my studio page!  I have been making and teaching pottery for over 20 years! I have taught at the UCONN Community School of the Arts, Farmington Valley Arts Center, and at my own studio! I have been a guest instructor (and tutor, substitute teacher) for several school districts and currently teach kids classes sponsored by the Manchester CT Youth Service Bureau! I am the creator of MYOM (Make Your Own Beer Mug) night which I have hosted at several local breweries! I love laughing, music, the smell of clay, rainy days, and cats! I have degrees in Art, English, and Communications. My studio is a home away from home where I love to create, mingle, chat or just chill out! 

What makes my studio different? My studio is a private studio. Though I offer classes and workshops, it is really an extension of my home, a place for you to feel welcome, supported, heard, and of course creative! While yes, it is a business, it is super personal and kind of “exclusive.” My classes are small, and you receive all the information and knowledge I can provide to help you succeed. 


First and foremost I want everyone to feel supported and welcome. This is really a casual, friendly studio where people make friends easily and build a community.

If you would like to check out the studio before registering, give me a call to make an appointment!