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Winter Pottery 2 - Hand and Wheel

Winter Pottery 2 - Hand and Wheel


POTTERY 2 - for repeat students may be taken multiple times to hone your skills or work independently with guidance. Weekly topics, tips and critiques.


Own shelf and storage space, includes use of all studio tools, glazes, and underglazes.

Clay is available for purchase and will include bisque and glaze firings of all VIABLE pieces are included in clay cost. *See prices in studio


You are responsible for re claiming and storing your own clay.



*This class is for those who have already taken Pottery 1 and want to hone their skills. This is a combination wheel throwing and hand building class where you will expand on the skills learned in Pottery 1. If you feel you need more refreshing and skill building you may also register for the pottery 1 class multiple times. As a reminder Pottery 1 does not include shelf/open studio/etc


Pottery 2- 6 week class 2.5 hours per week.

Lesson/topic each week will be posted.


12 hours of open studio time is included.

Additional open studio passes for purchase if available.


*Open studio hours may be used during another class time, please make sure you understand open studio time is non instructional time. If you need help have questions please use your scheduled CLASS TIME not open studio hours thanks. If you choose to use open studio hours during class time please be advised class members have priotity to wheels etc...



Please see calendar booking schedule to see availability.



Classes may be combined if class minimum of 5 is not met


Monday 10:00-12:30 (Combo Pottery 1 and 2 class)

Instructor Jamie Fitzgerald

Tuesday 6-8:30

Instructor Jamie Fitzgerald

Members night class Pottery 2 Advanced Members only


Thursday 6:00-8:30

(Combo Pottery 1 and 2 class)

Instructor-Stephanie Haines

Saturday 9:00-11:30 combo Pottery 1 and 2 class with Jamie


Open Studio hours will be posted

You must sign up for open studio plan to use hours on the "students" link.

  • returns missed classes etc

    No returns after 48 hrs of purchase,

    No missed class make ups for any reason

    Inclement weather closings will be re scheduled for another class.

    All work must be completed during the six weeks

    Please see and agree to studio rules and policies before purchase

    MUST take pottery 1 before Pottery 2

  • No returns or refunds

    See terms and conditions before placing order

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