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Wheel Wednesdays

Wheel Wednesdays

Sales Tax Included

This is a wheel throwing only class for both beginners and repeating students! Focus is on basic techniques and the foundations of making pottery on the wheel.


This is a six week class where you will learn beginner and intermediate pottery making step by step including: throwing beginner forms like bowls, mugs and small bottles working toward larger forms, beginners will fo us on centering, wedging, and reclaiming clay, proper use of wheels and tools, and basic glazing techniques.

Repeat students will learn to successfully throw larger forms.


Focusing on a sustainable studio model you will **recycle all but your favorite pots**


One time tool kit-$25.00 includes beginning tool kit, 2 towels (take home between classes please) reclaim bucket for your scraps.


Clay is available for purchase and includes bisque firing. We recommend 12.5 lbs for this beginner class.


We use a midfire stoneware that is a light toast color upon firing.


Students generally complete 5-7 pieces during the 6 week class.


Glaze firing fees per piece are separate.

Glaze and glaze firing - Use of studio glazes is included in the glaze firing fee. Please see chart in studio for firing fees.


Why do we charge separate fees?

There is a lot of fun..and failure in pottery making! This pricing system allows you to only pay for the pots you want to keep, and helps us keep the flow of pots going in and out of the kiln on a certain timeline.


Keep what you want, recycle what you don't, and use that clay again!


For teens please see youth classes.


*this is a tentative date pending inspection and approvals if for any reason we need to move the date all reservations will be honored and rescheduled. START DATE TBA

SIX WEEKS JUNE-JULY 2.5 hrs per week

  • Returns missed classes etc

    There are no returns after 48 hours. If class minimum is not met, we will place you in a different class. If this is not possible we will then issue a refund.

    There are no make ups for missed classes.

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