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Three Week Wheel - Throw, Trim, & Glaze

Three Week Wheel - Throw, Trim, & Glaze

Excluding Sales Tax

Not ready to commit to a six week class?


Going on vacation?


Want to give the wheel a spin and learn to trim and glaze your own pots?


This class is for you!   Sundays 10am. For classes 1 & 2 - Return for class 3 to glaze. 


Class 1- Week 1- 2 hour wheel throwing class. Create 1-3 small vessels on the pottery wheel with guided instruction. Clean up.


Class 2 -Week 2- 1.5 hour class where you can trim your pot(s), carve them, or add handles and embellishments. Clean up.


Class 3- By Appointment - after pots are fired for a 1 hour class to glaze your pot (s) (can return to glaze by making a glazing appointment!)


Class fee includes 3 lbs of clay, use of studio tools, and glaze and firing fees for up to 3 small vessels.


What you will learn-

Week 1

*Intro to the pottery wheel

*Centering the clay

*Opening the center

*Raising the walls to form small items like bowls or cups.

*Discussion of the pottery making process step by step


Week 2

*How to trim pots on the wheel

*How to add a handle

*How to add embellishments

*Carving tips and tricks

*Intro to Underglazing

*Intro to Brush on glaze discussion.

*Discussion of underglaze transfers


Week 3 - Glazing (return after firing by appointment)


Use of in house underglazes or brush on glazes


Underglaze transfers available for purchase.




Class fee does not include- private shelf space or open studio time.


Pots not glazed or picked up within 30 days of firing will be disposed of/donated/etc.


Can’t make it back to glaze?

We’ll glaze it in clear or white for you.


Throwing lesson unsuccessful?

It happens! Unfortunately it is part of the pottery process.


Please come to the trimming class! (we’ll have some extra pots)


As a reminder there are no refunds or rescheduling of missed classes.



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