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Gravestein Early New England Gravestone Vessel

Gravestein Early New England Gravestone Vessel

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Cast by hand using stoneware clay, this "Gravestein" vessel or mug was made of a mold of the headstone of Dorithy Brown. Age 19, died 1739. Gilead Hill , Church of England Cemetery, Hebron CT.

Slab constructed using the face of the headstone as the main image and embellished with cast words and images from surrounding grave carvings.


Each piece is 100 percent unique and original, hand made by J.L.Fitzgerald in her studio in Connecticut.


While fully vitrified stoneware is fired to be dishwasher and microwave safe, this is an artwork. Functional and food safe, yes. Feel free to enjoy you favorite beverages from her, however, treat her with care like the artwork she is and she will last many lifetimes.


Respecting and preserving the art of Early New England Gravestones, each piece comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, with the decedent's name, date of death, birth (if available) and location of gravestone. #goth #gothic #cemetery #pottery


Free priority mail insured shipping included in the USA

  • Care and Refunds

    No refunds, Replacement via insured mail. 

    Yes you can microwave it but it is a work of art, try to avoid. 

    Dishwasher safe but again, it is art. Hand wash please. 

    This will ensure longevity.

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