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Foundations of Pottery Hand and Wheel

Foundations of Pottery Hand and Wheel

Sales Tax Included

Foundations of Pottery.

2.5 hours per week

Adult s 18 and over please

For youth classes under  please see youth and homeschool classes.


10 lbs of Clay is included in this class as it is project based and we will strive to complete a project in each class.


Explore pottery making by hand and on the wheel. Learn about the studio, and best practices for creating with clay. Topics include:


Hand building (Pinch, coil and slab) Stamping, embellishing etc...

Intro to the wheel

Wedging, Centering, Throwing small bowls,

Trimming, Handles.

Prep for firing, intro to basic glazing

Studio cleaning and safety



Use of studio tools and equipment, clay for class projects, and bisque firing is included.


Glaze and glaze firing fees are separate. Keep only the things you want! There is a lot of fun..and failure in pottery making! This pricing system allows you to only pay for the pots you want to keep, and helps us keep the flow of pots going in and out of the kiln on a certain timeline.


Pottery 1 is project based we will make one project in one style or technique per week.


This is an intro course for those with little or no experience or those who are new to the studio.


A class schedule and topics will be emailed to you upon registration.


Please bring apron if desired, and own hand towels and take home each class to wash.



*this is a tentative start date pending inspection and approvals if for any reason we need to move the date all reservations will be honored and rescheduled. START DATE TBA

  • Refunds etc.

    No refunds after 48 hours of purchase. No missed class make ups, no extensions. Class need to meet minimum enrollment to run. If not met you will be offered an alternate date. If this does not align with your schedule, you will be eligable for a refund. 



  • Studio policies etc

    Please see and agree to polices before registering.

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